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After spending Eleven years in the forces I started my training career in 1973. I started training in sales, a few years later I moved over to self-help programmes helping people, from all walks-of-life, achieve their ambitions, their goals, to have positive attitudes, to enhanced their motivation and reach their true potential.

In 2000 - I started my own training Company, specialising in self-help-sales and computer training. [Microsoft office] - Quick and easy-to-follow Home Study Solutions for building, fixing and using computers. During this time I wrote many training and development programmes and information for the self-help niche.

I retired in 2009 and a few years later I started writing my life story Shattered Dreams.

I am married with and have a daughter.

About Clive M Harman

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    My PDF Books

    Arthritis; Depression;                              Leaving Stress In The Dust Mind;                 How to Improve Your Memory; Hypnosis; Herbs; Green Tea; Addictions; Social Media;
    Herbal Remedies; Aromatherapy and Massage; Acupuncture;  Mediation; Homeopathy and   Building, Installing and Maintaining Your Computer.                                                

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    Shattered Dreams

    The lead character Danny Fox finds himself challenged by loss and a rough environment almost from the cradle in “Shattered Dreams The Story of My Life” and this pressure only builds as he grows in age.  Clashes with street criminals are common and he's likely saved only by entering the military under court order.  His military career followed finding him in combat across the world and the challenges of Tragedy, love, comradeship and shattered dreams. build and build. 

New Releases - Non Fiction Paperbacks

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Telephone Skills

Using the telephone is one of the most demanding task in any organisation lies in keeping all communication routes as open as possible because they are the veins and arteries carrying the organisation's life-blood and helps with customer service.

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Thinking Positive, Creative and Innovative

At Last! You Can be Learning and Understanding Perfectly About Thinking Positive, Creative, Innovative Without a Leaving Your Home.


a better you imageA Better You

Just about everyone in the world can think of something they want to improve about themselves. What is keeping you from a better you by achieving your hopes, dreams and goals, instead of making you feel inferior, unimportant and unworthy?


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Customer care

There's no doubt, the first lesson for you to learn and be clear from the start is: You’re not doing customers a favour by serving them. They're doing you a favour by giving you the opportunity to serve them.

Other Paperback Non-Fiction Books

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== Job Searching Skills

== Procrastination

== Manage Your Time

== Effective Communication

== Training-Coaching

== Motivation