My Life


Until 1973

I was born in London on the sixth November 1941 in a place called Twyford Lodge. Some say it was the maternity ward at Park Royal General Hospital. Others say it was the workhouse.

I have had tragedy, love, comradeship and shattered dreams during my time.  These are some of the elements that have made up the adventures and challenges of my life. 

I found myself challenged by the loss of my Mother and Brother before reaching the age of eighteen and lived in a rough environment from an early age and this pressure only built as I grew in age.  Clashes with drug pushers and dealers saw me sentenced to three years for G. B. H, which was suspended on the condition I served six years in the army under court order in 1958. My military career followed finding myself in combat across the world in places like Boneo, Oman, Aden.  Kenya and Biafra were the challenges build and build.  I finally finished with the forces on the last day of January 1970.

My Training Career

After spending those eleven years in the Special Forces I started my training career in 1973 training in sales, a few years later I moved over to self-help programmes helping people, from all walks-of-life, achieve their ambitions, their goals, to have positive attitudes, to enhanced their motivation and reach their true potential.

In 2000 - I started my own training Company, specialising in self-help,-sales, computer training. [Microsoft office] and Quick and easy-to-follow Home Study Solutions for building, fixing and using computers. During this time I wrote many training and development programmes and collected  information for the self-help, health and fitness niches

After Retiring

Since my retirement in 2009  I have written Shattered Dreams, the story of my life in three volumes. I first considered writing a non-fiction book, but many things made that idea impractical. Then  I considered incorporating it into a work of fiction and I finally finished it in 2016'


Since finishing Shattered dreams I have broken my training programmes down into Training Manuals with a link inside to my PowerPoint Slides and Handout [no extra cost] which makes it easier to produce in Paperbacks and hardbacks.

In the last few years of my training career, I went to various organisations once a week to give a talk on a topic that the organisation chose. At the end of each discussion, I handed out sheets of paper with information that I had written or collected stapled together for them to read at home. Hence the name, Study at Home Notebook Series.